A World Lost


Nature was slowly reclaiming New York City with the same creeping grip she’d seen everywhere else. Atop her saddled parasaurolophus, Sara found no sign of human survivors on 5th Avenue.

She tugged the dinosaur’s reins above a weedy street. “Come on, Bro.”

Maneuvering a two and a half ton semi-biped through streets cluttered with rusting cars had been difficult, but Sara had gotten him to her goal.

A mob of pigeons-turned compsognathus hissed and ran as they stopped before the Challenger Foundation building.

Sara petted his cranial crest, and he squatted low for her to dismount.

“Stay here, ‘kay Bro?”

He gave a muted hoot of concern as she drew a shotgun from his saddle holster.

She counted her precious few shells. “I know, but this is deinonychus country.”

With broken windows and doors open to the elements for years, the Challenger building looked like many others in the decaying city.

But it wasn’t like any other.

“They designed the A.I. and nanites here, Bro… This is where the Extinction of mankind began.”

“Recreating dinos. We were so excited. Then the A.I. went exponential, the nanites viral..”

Sara rubbed the parasaurolophus’ snout. “Billions like you, rewritten into simple, saurian lives.”

She walked away. “I’ve got to know if I’m the last human, Bro.”


Copyright © 2019 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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