Very Short Stories

Single page stories.


“Yep. That’s a dead alien.” Clem kicked its tentacled, grayish bulk. “It’s a Martian, Jeff!” The sheriff nodded. “You sure gave him both barrels, Maybell.” She lifted her shotgun. “He shouldn’t have been sneaking in my cabbage patch while I’m in the outhouse!” “I’d heard a cylinder came down in Aurora.” “But they’re an English… Continue Reading →

Aesthetic Motif

“I pulled three straight all-nighters to get her ready! But with the salvaged motivators, I finished her just in time for the Gunbuster Irregular Tourney!” “Uh-huh,” Lisa yawned following the technician and wannabe robo-jockey across the noisy repair bay. Lisa slurped coffee. “I hope you’re as good a pilot as you are a mechanic. Vermillion… Continue Reading →


Bluebell smiled at the bridge’s fluorescent lighting. “It’s wondrous!” “It’s new,” the old man said holding her hand. “I hope that’s okay.” The freckled young woman nodded under her short blue hair. “That doesn’t matter. It just needs to cross running water.” Kenneth’s eyes were tired, but happy. “So, how does—” He fell into a… Continue Reading →

A World Lost

Nature was slowly reclaiming New York City with the same creeping grip she’d seen everywhere else. Atop her saddled parasaurolophus, Sara found no sign of human survivors on 5th Avenue. She tugged the dinosaur’s reins above a weedy street. “Come on, Bro.” Maneuvering a two and a half ton semi-biped through streets cluttered with rusting… Continue Reading →

My Ghoulfriend

Aaron looked to the pale girl beside him during the commercial break. “I didn’t think zombies would like cereal.” “I’m a ghoul,” Tabitha said munching Fruity Pebbles. The boy shrugged slurping rainbow-colored milk. “There’s a difference?” “I’m alive.” “Oh.” “Zombies crave living flesh,” the child continued, flicking a piece of red cereal off her black,… Continue Reading →

The Gift

Under a grey sky, Pak hauled in netting from a cold tide. “Mind yer fingers, boy,” Durtz said, busy at the skiff’s bow. “Cursed waters.” The young man reached into the sea. “Cursed, Master?” “Me last slave got ‘is ‘ands bit-off.” Pak winced feeling a tug. He pulled the net, and she bobbed to the… Continue Reading →

Ogre Sweat

The goblin encampment in flames, the saboteurs ran from the angry ogre they hadn’t expected. “Thragg CRUSH hoo-mans!” Her fellow scouts fleeing, Meg hid behind a tent with a twisted ankle. Mighty Thragg thundering close, she uncorked the Ogresweat potion. “If a sip fooled the goblin dogs…” Meg pondered, then downed the whole bottle. There… Continue Reading →


I wipe droplets of cold Arkham rain off my phone. Dripping in a rundown hallway at 1 am, I text Archmage227 outside his apartment door. >I’m here There’s a beep inside, muffled by the downpour. A short shuffle. Strained hiccups. My phone buzzes: >UNLOCKED COME IN I open the door. A cat in a carrier… Continue Reading →


“It’s like a chain of funhouse mirrors,” old Professor Henry said, observing Kate’s translucent doppelgangers arrange floating crystals as she did. “Infinite Kates.” “And infinite Henrys,” Kate replied. He looked to young, blond Henry. “Well, infinite versions.” “Guys, I think it’s working,” young Henry said at the computer. Then he vanished. The Professor and Kate… Continue Reading →

Velox Pugnate

Seeing his opponent, the musclebound Northman leaned back laughing. “My breakfast was bigger than you, Albioner!” Clad in a loincloth and unsure of how to hold his net and trident, every inch of the Pict’s pale, scrawny and freckled frame was on display. The colosseum crowd jeered the redhead. Compared to the mighty Northman, he… Continue Reading →

The Call

Hands tremble as she puts coins in the payphone and dials her childhood number. “It’ll work,” she gulps, waiting for a ring. “Caller I.D. isn’t invented yet.” “Hello?” her mother answers. “Mrs. Pryor?” she asks, heart in her throat. “This is she.” “I-I’m Mrs. Weymouth, your daughter’s teacher. You need to get to the school… Continue Reading →

The Root-Bound Stair

Glix huffed dragging a too-full sack of treasure behind him. Catching his breath, the thief glanced to strong-shouldered Oris ahead of him. The warrior’s bag of loot was modest but well chosen. Then, down a root-bound staircase, he spied a sparkle of color. Glix’s eyes narrowed. Oris ahead of him and unaware he was no… Continue Reading →

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