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A supernatural thriller novelette for young adults and older: Angel will grip you with its unique blend of suspense, dark humor, and quirky teen protagonists from its first pages until the very last!

Freshman Angie Brewer went missing weeks ago, before the chill of October settled over Summersvale, Maine. Her disappearance a mystery, speculation is rampant and the town under an unofficial curfew.

But a Friday night is a terrible thing to waste, especially after homecoming is canceled.

Waiting on a curbside, the last girl to see Angie before she disappeared looks up from her texting. Beyond the illumination of streetlights, Emily’s gaze finds only dim trees and houses.

She doesn’t see the glint of binoculars studying her before they are lowered. Doesn’t see them put away. Doesn’t see the swipes through a phone filled with pictures of her, or when the swiping finger stops on a picture of Angie.

Doesn’t see the narrowing glare of stalking eyes…

Angel is a unique, memorable and fast-paced supernatural story. With its twists to age-old vampire folklore— and the fears behind them— it’s a tale both traditional and contemporary. From fans of Dracula, to Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel offers something new to all who love the genre.


Also available at available at other retailers independent, large and small!

Equal parts eerie, humorous and heartwarming, Harvest is a short story of down-home fantasy and a fairytale for grown-ups best told in the dark…

“Why’d that old hag do this t’ me and you?”

She scooched a little closer. “I’m guessin’ that, just like me, that old hag gave you pumpkin seeds that tasted somethin’ terrible? But she said to swallow ‘em ‘cause they were magic an’ all?”

Edgar frowned. “They were cursed, weren’t they?”

“Nope. Just poisoned!”

He pointed to himself. “And that’s why I blacked out? And then she hex-ed me?”

Emelia shook her head. “An’ that’s when you died. An’ then she buried you in her garden with a ritual like she did with me a year prior. We done got our souls turned into fertilizer, you and I.”

If Edgar’s face could pale to match his shocked expression, it would have.

“Oh Sugar, it’s alright…”

With whimsical humor and eccentric fantasy dappled in darkness, fans of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett will enjoy this short tale of kindness found in odd places. If quirky characters with a country twang and a fairytale detoured to the pumpkin patch sound good to you, then Harvest will surely prove an entertaining read!

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