Ogre Sweat

The goblin encampment was in flames, but the party of saboteurs hadn’t planned on finding an angry ogre in their midst. “Me Thragg! Me crush hoo-mans!” Meg watched her fellow scouts flee, hiding behind a tent with a twisted ankle. Mighty Thragg thundering close, she uncorked the Ogresweat potion. “If a sip fooled the goblin... Continue Reading →


Bluebell smiled, gazing at the bridge’s fluorescent lighting. “It’s wondrous!” “It’s new,” the old man holding her hand said. “I hope that’s okay.” The girl looked to him, nodding under her short blue hair. “That doesn’t matter. It just needs to cross running water.” Kenneth’s eyes were tired, but happy. “So, how does–” The young... Continue Reading →

Rumble at the Red Rock Tavern

“Well, at least the night ended well for Chris,” Joe said finishing his bottle of Coors Light. Sitting alone in the empty booth at the Red Rock Tavern, the scruffy-faced hipster put the beer down on the table and rose to leave. Joe was happy to see his friend leave with Ashley; they were good... Continue Reading →

Method One, Standard

Patrick choked on his Mountain Dew looking at the lowly one on the twenty-sided die. With his usual game-mastering fair, Dave chanted nonsense holding his newfound antique book as a prop. The pantomime was typical for Dave as he described the effects of the Reincarnation Beam, until the oddly authentic looking spellbook erupted in green... Continue Reading →

The Showroom

The service manager stepped though a door and forced a smile as he approached the customer desk. “I have good news,” he said to the woman on the opposite side of the counter, “it should only be another hour. They just dropped off the parts!” He flinched as her ears pinned back and whiskers bristled.... Continue Reading →

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